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Azri Ibrahim

PG Dip.Arch, M.Arch AAD, UK

Graduated in 2010 with Post Graduate Diploma in Architecture and Masters in Advanced Architectural Design from Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom, Azri has always had passion in arts and design. Believes that architecture is more than just building, he sees the local landscape as a symphony.

'Music to one's ears could be a noise to another. We are surrounded with a rich soundscape in life but we are unconscious to the rich symphony of the noise. The objective is to make people interested in the possibility of noise turning into meaningful sounds and how our soundscape is sonified by the various sounds and composing into urban symphony...

Spaces have their own aural personalities regardless of how the attributes came into existence. Spaces contain social, cultural, and personal meaning and lead people to recognize, imagine and remember the aural experience whilst enhancing the visual...'